About Futuro Forzuto


Roughly translated from Italian as "Forced Future", Futuro Forzuto is an outdoor field game that reconstructs the pillars of Futurism — war, violence, and speed — in the context of an inclusive recreational sport. The game is played between three teams: the Invasori, the Protettori, and the Catturati (translation: the Invaders, the Protectors, and the Captors). While each team works independently towards a specific objective, the rules are rigged such that victory for any one team is impossible.

Futuro Forzuto features a set of rules, corresponding team costumes, and a field map, as well as a series of paintings based on the game. The enigmatic content of the paintings evokes the subtle ways in which we continually regenerate our definitions of success and failure.


There are three separate teams:  
Catturati (2 players): X symbol
Invasori (4 players): triangle symbol
Prottetori (4 players): square symbol

There is a deck of 10 cards: 4 triangles, 4 squares, and 2 Xs. Teams are chosen at random by electing a Cosmic Clergy to select and shuffle the cards. Players select cards at random and teams are divided based on the selected cards.

COSTUMES: All members of the game are required to be in capes and masks (see Figures 1 and 2) at all points of the game. Identities must be kept secret.

BASES: Catturati are sequestered to a half-moon shaped territory at the top of the field, lined with flags with their symbol (X) on them. These flags demarcate the territory of the Astronave. The 2 Catturati may not leave the Astronave unless they are summoned by an Invasoro or a Protettoro. The goal of the Catturati is to take Invasori and Protettori as hostages in the Astronave. Invasori have their base to the southeast of the Astronave (See Fig. 3). The goal of the Invasori is to seize the Silver Pyramid on the base of the Protettori. Protettori have their base to the west of the Invasori. Protettori are the guardians of the Silver Pyramid. The goal of the Protettori is to successfully send all Invasori to the Astronave.

CAPTURES: Invasori and Protettori can use the 2 Catturati to take members of the opposing team hostage to the Astronave. To do this, they must run around the outside of the opposite team's base and up into Astronave territory, where they lock arms or hands with a Catturato and the two make the abduction together. Invasori and Protettori are not permitted to enter the Astronave unless it is through crossing around or through the other team's territory. Hostages are confined to the Astronave unless a member of their own team comes up and tags them back in. However, if a team member enters the Astronave to rescue a fellow teammate and is tagged by a Catturato, both members (the hostage and the attempted rescuer) are marked with a felt X. The X means nothing.

TAGGING: Invasori and Protettori may enter each other's bases, but if they are tagged by a member of the opposing team, they must return to their base.

HOW TO WIN FUTURO FORZUTO: The game cannot be won. Victory is a social construction.

 Figure 1:  Futuro Forzuto Capes , 2016 (Vinyl, thread, and fabric)

Figure 1: Futuro Forzuto Capes, 2016 (Vinyl, thread, and fabric)

 Figure 2:  Futuro Forzuto Masks , 2016 (Vinyl, thread, ribbon and felt)

Figure 2: Futuro Forzuto Masks, 2016 (Vinyl, thread, ribbon and felt)

 Figure 3:  Futuro Forzuto Field Map , 2016 (Gouache on paper, 12 X 24 inches)

Figure 3: Futuro Forzuto Field Map, 2016 (Gouache on paper, 12 X 24 inches)