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(a children’s book for adults too)
Softcover, 62 pages, full color
9” w X 10” h X .25” d
Limited edition of 50 books

Each copy is signed and hand-titled. Every volume also includes a hand-painted bookmark with an author's note.

I made Houseplants because I wanted to tell a story about someone who is after something different than what many others have. I also wanted to do something creative with my own uncertainty about the question of motherhood. At some point it occurred to me that a children’s book might be the perfect format in which to explore the complexities of of choosing a childless life— a place where joy and loneliness and ambivalence can all live together in a playful nonsense world of pictures. 
Though the story is rooted in this very personal thing, the narrative is wordless, absurd, and open to multiple interpretations. Ultimately, HOUSEPLANTS is simply a tale about the pleasures of choosing an atypical alternative.